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As I added my two new blue Dickey jerseys to the closet this morning I pondered a question: do I have enough Mets jerseys?

You can only wear Mets jerseys in so many situations, and Mrs. Mets Police is increasingly looking like this.


I have jerseys in blue and orange, green, white, gray, Mercury, two Los and even black. There are two more 2013 jerseys on the way (one “me” and one a Mets Police 13 – aka the formal-wear for Opening Day (prices start at jut $63), Banner Day and social media icons.

I will likely buy a NATIONAL and AMERICAN this summer….by likely I mean definitely…..

But is that it? Enough already? I have Mazzilli and Seaver. Murphy and Wright. Even two Dickeys now.

I have 86 style, swoosh, 87 script, dropshadow, classic, modern, pins and pinless. Ivory and “off-white.”

Have I reached the end of the line? I think Modell’s may have sent me over the edge.



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