What Mets stuff did Santa send you?

Let’s share our Mets-related gifts in this post.

Email shannon@metspolice.com or tweet @metspolice (and the guys who write for the post feel free to add)

Junior got me this Mets flag


Mrs MP this book.


This 3D magnet



Mrs MP made the Marge face for this one I gave her


And this new Precious Moment doll has invaded the shelf.


@stlmetsfan5 found this player. Has anyone heard of this person? He didn’t appear in my holiday video from the Mets.


And this from Stitches


@mttvnkrk checks in with this from the Blue Jays Bobblehead All-Stars


@lets86it got


And Dan got a few items




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4 Replies to “What Mets stuff did Santa send you?”

  1. Merry Christmas… I’m sure the Mets will take the hard earned money spent on these items and reinvest in the product on the field. Or perhaps spend it on the Wilpons own self-preservation. Congratulations.

  2. So jealous of that R.A. Dickey bobblehead! I didn’t realize they had produced one for him. I asked my wife to get one for me for Christmas but when she went online to get it, it was sold out everywhere! The last one I saw on eBay was listed for $125, and two before that for around $50-75. Really sucks for something that retailed for $25 or so!!

    1. My wife got it just before the trade happened. The funny thing was that I almost bought it for myself and she talked me out of it. Little did I know she already had it! R.A. was my favorite player on the team… last season I read his book and met him on my road trip to Atlanta after the All-Star Break (e.g. the beginning of the end) … but I understood why they traded him. If he would have won “only” 15 games, we would have kept him!

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