The M-Files Issue 4: Raiders, Nemesis, Walking Dead, Anne Hathaway

The M-Files is a weekly divergence from talking about the Mets.  Even The Mets Police have a life outside of The Mets.  These are the sort of things we talk about.

As mentioned in a previous M-Files, Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of my favorite movies. I found the video below pretty interesting. It suggests that the movie is even better in Black & White!

Also pretty cool is the Pre-makes series on Youtube. They take old movies, re-edit scenes to make a trailer and well…just watch this…

Recently I dusted off my Star Trek: Nemesis DVD. Man what a piece of crap that film is. People compare it to Wrath of Khan which is ridiculous.

This is the one where Tom Hardy is wasted as the bad guy. The bad guy is some sort of younger clone of Picard. Seems the Romulans cloned Picard and have this PIcard guy to somehow infiltrate the Federation blah blah blah zzzzz.

And don’t forget they found another Data but this one has the oh so clever name B-4.

There’s a wedding scene to force in a chance for Brent Spiner to sing. At least it’s better than this disaster in the previous film.

I mean, seriously????

Anyway Piacrd-clone something something battle with the Enterprise-E (Starfleet goes through a lot of Starships post-Kirk, maybe he wasn’t so bad.) And Data has to sacrifice himself to save the ship.

You know what I felt when Data died? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.( Goon here- I cheered. Data always annoyed me.)

No wonder the film franchise died and needed a reboot. The only thing good about the film was cut out of the film. This is a deleted scene of the DVD. I enjoy Commander Madden.(Goon back again. Starfleet doesn’t believe on promoting from within? No need to have Com. Madden. Wouldn’t Geordi, Worf or officer one rank lower then Riker be next on the list?)

I asked Mrs. MP for The Walking Dead DVDs for Christmas so I have been re-watching the show. Man there are a lot of characters in that first season that are gone. I’m not even talking about Shane or whatshisname with the hat (he was a good character).

walking deadOne of my problems with the Walking Dead, that I found a lot of friends had, was it was into Season 3 before we knew everyone’s name. I found myself still referring to characters as “Jamie Lee Curtis” or “whatshername.” I just watched the dang thing last night and I can’t remember the name of the guy with the hat and I liked him.


(GOON Here- SHANNON hat guy’s name is DALE dammit… DALE. Jamie Lee Curtis clone is CAROL. Side note the Walking Dead game by telltale games is sick if you are a fan of the comics and show)

Anyways he’s gone, the family that headed off to Birmingham is gone, Jamie Lee’s abusive husband is gone, Rick doesn’t bother checking in at sunrise any more, Andrea’s sister is gone (her name is Andrea right?), the guy with the fever that they left by a tree is gone, and of course T-Dog is now gone.

The first season works way better for me on DVD. I got pretty bored during episodes that first year (and I wonder what will happen when I get to the farm this time) but on DVD they zip along. I guess that’s true of many shows.

Set the DVR for this: On Mon., Dec. 31, AMC will air a marathon of the first eight episodes of The Walking Dead Season 3 beginning at 9PM/8c with that season’s premiere, “Seed.” Countdown to 2013 with Rick, the Governor, Michonne and the rest of the survivors.


I was researching my Search Engine Optimization (that’s a blogger thing where Google tells you what people who came to your blog searched for) and while “Mets Uniforms” was number 7, apparently number one was “Anne Hathaway hot.” There’s no reason I am mentioning her here other than to please the masses. People also mentioned “Ghost Town.” I doubt people were searching for pictures of Citi Field with low attendance but that’s what they are getting. Ha!

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