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This is one of my favorite posts to do every year, it’s where I stop and take a look at the year to year numbers and see where the blog is in its growth pattern.

metspolice 2012 blog numbers









So what’s it all mean? Well, at 1.1 million page views the blog was flat from 2011 to 2012. Sure I’d like to see explosive growth every year (If I compare 2012 to 2010 the visits are up 39.81% and the page views are up 72.04%) but in an environment where people in New York City comment on my Mets jacket as if I am wearing a Columbus Blue Jackets jacket…well I will take what i can get.  Some day the Mets will retake New York and I bet the blog will pop.  Or maybe one of the big national sites will decide they want a quirky site on their roster and we’ll get some of those affiliation views.

Thanks to Media Goon, Dan, Ceetar, Verceman, MetsBro and Osh41 for pitching in in various ways over the year….Matt Cerrone and Paul Lukas for sending lots of eyeballs this way….the New York Mets (Dave, David, Jay, Danielle, Ethan and Shannon) for having me into their home a few times….our advertisers including Stitches NY and Amazin’ Tix.….The7Line for doing the #imwith28 shirts with us, and Murph for wearing one….everyone who sends in stuff all year long (that stuff reallllllly helps)….and everyone who bothered to read one or more of these silly posts.



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