Great job by @majesticonfield

Big thanks to @majesticonfield who surprised me with this tweet:

We know you need to look good for your event tomorrow @metspolice . Let us help you dress in style;

This beauty is on its way for Saturday Delivery.



Thanks to Majestic for following up today. Sorry I had to throw a tantrum but its really hard to argue fonts with folks on the phone. As @mediagoon knows I have been dealing with this as a quiet civilian for about a month and had shipped the other one back twice.

Original post was….

an incorrect mets jerseySince the jerseys were announced I have been trying to buy a replica 2013 blue Mets jersey customized to METS POLICE 13. Simple, right?

Well I have sent it back TWICE already with pictures and links and letters and emails. Last night I got home and had mail. I was excited. I opened the package. There strikes for @officialmlbshop and @majesticonfield.

On the left is what I keep getting – note the lettering is wrong, the number font is wrong. I have included the blue Dickey on the right as an example of what a Mets jersey should look like. See the difference?



I don’t know what else to do at this point but ramp up the complaining. I can’t keep playing mail-the-jersey every week.

Oh and now I won’t have a blue 13 to wear to tomorrow’s Mets Police Awards.

Can someone PLEASE HELP.

See the thing is – when you’re the Mets Police and you made your bones about complaining about uniforms you can’t walk around in a half-ass jersey. It’s not a proper replica. It’s t-shirt font on a replica jersey.

Mr. Majestic and Mr. MLBShop you’re welcome to hunt around this site. You will find that I have bought LOTS of jerseys. I just want what I ordered. Thanks. And since I see you aren’t offering blue custom replicas on the site anymore then I’m happy to just take the money back. I suspect that my issue and the no-more-replicas are somehow related.

Hopefully this can be a one and done post and not a daily feature….




See you at tonight's Mets Police Awards!
Not @mediagoon’s Mets jerseys #84: 1969 Seaver home

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  1. at this point, i’d probably ask them to mail you back a blank replica, then mail the replica to stitches and have them do the customization. it’ll be better quality than the stitched/screen that the replicas are now and you know it’ll be right.

    1. That’s what I’m planning on doing with my next one (blue road). I usually just leave my jerseys blank, but decided I’m going all-in on this one. And if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right.

  2. So cool that they came through in the clutch for you. I buy a lot of jerseys / t-shirts too so I’m happy to support businesses like that.

  3. they took the personalize blue jersery replicas our been trying to order whats the deal!…. i want the front numbers…..

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