Of course Mike Piazza should be in the Hall of Fame

in what world is Mike Piazza not a Hall of Famer?

What’s with writers leaving Mike off the ballot? I saw the guy’s career, it’s an absolute no-brainer.

If Mike is being punished for something the writers may think was cheating then they should say so. At least Murray Chass has the courage of his convictions.

Other people who should be HOFers are hit kings, home run kings, anyone with 350 wins, anyone that Fox, Joe Buck, Mike Lupica and ESPN creamed over in 1998, anyone with 3000/500, anyone who was discussed as the best pitcher of the decade while they were playing, and anyone who won back to back MVPs.

No more outfielders?

Adam Rubin suspects the Mets won’t add any outfielders and that the starting trio are Duda, Nieuwenhuis and Baxter. That’s a joke.

The Mets have not punted.

Opening Day tickets start at $63


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