See you at tonight’s Mets Police Awards!

Mazzilli-AwardI’m carefully picking out my attire for tonight…hopefully the FedEx man delivers my blue 13 on time otherwise the Mets Police 12 pinstripes will get one last outig as the formal wear and imagine Media Goon will wear a jersey that says Media Goon.  We’re encouraging everyone to wear “Mets stuff” so we know who is with the group and can say hi.

We’ll be at Donovan’s at 5.  Folks are asking how long this will take.  Well, we’ve never done this before.  What if we give Greg Prince an award and he rolls off a 10,000 word masterfully crafted acceptance speech?  WIth like 10 categories and some fun I can’t imagine the ceremony part going longer than an hour and probably shorter.

However, it’s a cool Irish pub with great food and there will be tons of Mets fans and mingling, so you’re coming for a hang and not just some Dundees.

The spirit of the night is fun and a celebration.  We’re not there to make fun of anyone or to be negative.  Come have a good time, and the Mets Police remind you to never drink and drive and to always drink responsibly if you do choose to partake.

Details and map here but in a nutshell it’s 5pm at Donovan’s 58th street and Roosevelt.  If you haven’t heard of Roosevelt Avenue then this isn’t the right event for you.

I can’t believe we’re doing this…

Not @mediagoon's Mets jerseys #85: Ike Davis knock-off
Great job by @majesticonfield