The last Mets jersey

Recently I wrote that I need to stop buying jerseys. I obviously love them but I can’t wear them all, and even if I were to become the full-time “Mets jersey guy” (which I already am in town on weekends) it would take over apathy to get back to the start.

So here is the last* Mets jersey, a 2013 “me.”


* oh yeah, gonna have to buy a NATIONAL Wright and an AMERICAN Dickey and if we do Hodges themed Mets Police Awards on 1-4-14 I will need a 14 jersey, and I will probably want to update my social media icons in 15, and what if they do Los Mets in blue….


Did some more work on my upcoming e-book Send The Beer Guy which I was telling some folks about at The Awards. I sent @mediagoon a very early version last night where I have started to sequence the narrative of random stories into something cohesive. I’m hoping to get it done during Spring Training, hit publish on iBooks and Kindle and maybe a few people will check it out.

The title comes from my years as a vendor at Shea. Oh, I never told you about that. Yeah, I saved it for the book.

Coming soon.

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