Mets Fever

In 1989 I had Mets Fever, as evident by this collection of Mets stuff I’d amassed and thought worth photographing together.

mets fever

I remember being really annoyed when my mom insisted we throw away the Mets garbage can because it had rusted.  I still remember this trash can listed all the players on the 1986 roster, the final scores of the NLCS and World Series, and any trash can I ever saw for sale afterwards was of the cheap plastic generic variety.

If you look closely you’ll see a set of RC Cola cans – one honoring the regular season accomplishments of the 1986 Mets, and the other honoring the World Series.  I kept these intact, unopened, for almost 20 years, until they both leaked sometime around 2005, ruining them both with acidic syrup.  In retrospect I should have drained them with a pinhole or something years earlier.

Another item of note is the “HOJO” pillow I made in HomeEc class.

Let’s all just ignore the “Poison” poster, OK?

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