Not @mediagoon’s Mets jerseys #95: Blue Swoosh BP

Since both @mediagoon and Shannon finally tapped out of jerseys (at least for a few weeks), I’m taking the ball and running with it for a while.

I’m in a swoosh mood right now, so today I give you my 3rd of this style – a blue mesh BP jersey. Blue Swoosh BP jersey

The unofficial Mets mascots of Shea Stadium
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3 Replies to “Not @mediagoon’s Mets jerseys #95: Blue Swoosh BP”

  1. I had that one ,pretty sure it was the only one in Ireland just like my Dickey blur alternates I just got will probably be the only ones in Ireland!!!

  2. I am glad I am not the only one who liked the swoosh jerseys. They’ve never been too popular around here…but I would have taken them over the black for all those years, for sure.

    1. I don’t love the swoosh by any means but when weighed against the black unis there is no comparison. However I can’t believe I own 4 of this style – I need to be stopped

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