Report: Mets will stick with Banner Night and not change the date

Bad bad bad job by Mets, good job by Howard Megdal.

So the Mets have two choices: keep Banner Day for that game, making for a far more difficult time navigation for children, or move the promotional day to any other Sunday or Saturday, for that matter.But a Mets spokesperson has confirmed to me that the Mets will be keeping Banner Day on My 26.Assuming timing is the same as last year, registration would begin at 5 PM for an 8:05 start. And for kids for whom Banner Day is supposed to serve as part of a special memory at the ballpark, that will mean parents choosing between keeping kids up past 11 PM, or missing out on at least part of the game.Whether parents will want to pay Sunday ticket prices for a partial game at best is to be determined as well.

via The LoHud Mets Blog.


I can’t believe I am typing this – but I may not go now.

And Banner Day will die because it’s a Banner Night and it’s all because of ESPN and a team’s unwillingness to change a promotional date with four months to go.

Much much much more to come.

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ESPN ruins Mets Banner Day: Mets should move it!

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  1. I usually wait until May or June before I get too infuriated with the Mets and want to quit watching or reading about baseball. This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Does anyone in the front office care one bit about the fans? I will not be going to any Met games nor will I watch them on TV. Screw the Wilpons, call me when the Mets get eliminated this year. If you want to find me I will be watching the Binghamton Mets at NYSEG Stadium instead. $9 tickets to see the guys who are supposed to save the franchise as opposed to $63 see our amazing outfield. Sorry for the rant, I needed to vent to some Mets fans. I hate living in Yankee territory.

  2. The Mets have really cornered the market on “RUINING EVERYTHING!” This should be a no brainier and such an easy simple fix, but leave it to the Mets to Muck it up.

    You can’t make this stuff up!……Well by The end of May, the only fans that will be in the stands are “The Crickets” anyway.


  3. There’s nothing else they’re going to say, four months in advance. Whether or not they really consider moving it is something that’s not going to be decided in an hour or a day. Big organizations don’t move that fast. Particularly BEFORE regular season tickets actually go on sale. (yes yes, presales, packages, etc, not the point. Promos/ticketing is not final yet)

    1. Nonsense. They can easily say that they are looking into potential dates to reschedule so that the children for whom the event is being held can fully participate.

      I HATE the ESPN Sunday night games. Nothing like having the latest start time for any regular season game to screw up the start of a new work week. The games should start at 7 like all other night games and every team should be limited to 1 Sunday night home game per season.

      1. And if ultimately they decide the best decision is to keep it where it is they look foolish that way. careful deliberation.

        The Mets played 2.25 night home games a year the last four years. Granted that’s well about average, but it’s hardly like ESPN is switching games on us like crazy.

  4. Agreed, Banner Day should be earlier in the day. I don’t have kids but even I recognize that an earlier time would be more appropriate for families.

  5. It needs to be an afternoon game. Keeping it where it is should not be an option.

    With regards to ESPN, it is the unpredictability factor. I will never buy tickets in advance to a Mets Sunday game, because I have no way of knowing if ESPN will ruin it for me. I love a nice Sunday afternoon at the ballpark, but nothing like dropping over $100 for 4 tickets for the family only to have the game switched to 8:15 and the Mets stick with their no refunds or exchanges policy!

  6. Another reason to hate the Wilpons…why don’t they just sell the damn team.

    I participated in the early Banner Days and even Camera days at the PG and Shea….great childhood memories. Unbelievable.

  7. So last year I bought really nice seats for a game in August for my dads birthday. Him, me, my son, and ,y husband. Serious $ for us. They moved the game a few weeks ahead of time. I can’t bring my 6yr old to a 8pm game. He goes to bed at 7! We live two hours away. We’d be getting home after midnight. Now this. He was SO looking forward to banner day. Feeling beyond ticked off.

    1. How does that one line in that one song go…I think its “Bring your kiddies, bring your wife, guaranteed to have the time of your life.” Apparently that was some 1960s ideal and no longer applies.

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