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Bad bad bad job by Mets, good job by Howard Megdal.

So the Mets have two choices: keep Banner Day for that game, making for a far more difficult time navigation for children, or move the promotional day to any other Sunday or Saturday, for that matter.But a Mets spokesperson has confirmed to me that the Mets will be keeping Banner Day on My 26.Assuming timing is the same as last year, registration would begin at 5 PM for an 8:05 start. And for kids for whom Banner Day is supposed to serve as part of a special memory at the ballpark, that will mean parents choosing between keeping kids up past 11 PM, or missing out on at least part of the game.Whether parents will want to pay Sunday ticket prices for a partial game at best is to be determined as well.

via The LoHud Mets Blog.


I can’t believe I am typing this – but I may not go now.

And Banner Day will die because it’s a Banner Night and it’s all because of ESPN and a team’s unwillingness to change a promotional date with four months to go.

Much much much more to come.

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ESPN ruins Mets Banner Day: Mets should move it!