Section 520 – #movebannerday

Banner Day FINALLY returned last season after a way too long absence.  As much as the Mets can say it was brought back as a way to honor the past as part of the 50th Anniversary season celebrations but I whole heartedly believe it was the outcries by us the fans to bring back the day that was made and meant for us. Nothing beat walking around the warning track while the players were still warming up.  Our faces and banners being displayed on the video board, with people in the stands.  Anyone who attended it last year knows it was a great experience.  A little disorganized at first, but great nonetheless.  It’s Banner DAY for a reason.  It’s a day for the fans and families.  Let’s not make this another late evening event where you have to question to bring your kids or not.  The Mets really stepped up to the plate by listening and bringing it back last year but now it’s up to us the fans again.

So with the help of the social media outlets and other Mets fan bloggers lets keep #MOVEBANNERDAY trending on Twitter.  It’s early enough for the Mets to move the promotion to another day.  I believe we can make it happen!  LET’S GO METS!

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@Mets: you can make the right choice. May 11th.
Report: Mets will stick with Banner Night and not change the date