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Banner Day is going to die.  

The murder was committed by ESPN but it will be the Mets who stood by and watched it bleed out.

On June 3, 2012 the Mets played on Sunday Night Baseball.  They started the day in first place at 31-23.  They honored a former team captain John Franco.  Two nights earlier Johan Santana had thrown a no-hitter and Mets fandom was at its 2012 peak.

The attendance for Sunday Night Baseball John Franco Night was 23,559 (56.1% full).

People do not enjoy attending Sunday 8:05pm starts.  Even the Mets don’t choose to start their games at 8:05.

On May 27th 2012, also a Sunday, the Mets drew 28,361 (67.5% full).  It was Banner Day.

I predict the Sunday Night game will fail to attract a crowd and Banner Day will die with the reason given that nobody cared.

Yesterday before Dan ruined my day by sending me the ESPN schedule I had actually contacted my ticket rep to see about the Party Deck.  Now I have no interest.

Banner Day 2012 was a family event.  Six of us from a little girl to grandma.  Now, if I go at all, maybe it will be me and @mediagoon.  No wife, no kids, no grandma.  8:05.

Folks ask why I can’t bring the kids to an 8:05 start.  I might as well just burn the money.  I don’t think the people who ask that question actually have kids.  They’ll understand some day.

I don’t know if I’m going to go now.  I can’t believe I am typing that.  And when the Mets start to lose the last of the faithful…it’s death spiral time.

I hate Sunday Night.  Banner Night is totally set-up for failure.  I’m picturing us standing on-line with the feeling that it’s not as good as it was in 2012.  Then comes apathy and the bad attendance number.  Then Banner Day will die.

It’s ESPN’s fault for creating the mess.

It’s someone in Flushing’s fault for not fixing it.  Move Banner Day to May 11th.

I look to you yet again Jeff Wilpon.  You’re the COO.  One wave of the hand and Banner Day is May 11th.  Do you care about us?  None of us believe you do.  Your inaction speaks volumes.  Opening Day starts at just $63.  More Cowgill.

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