@Mets: you can make the right choice. May 11th.

batmanOh Mets, why do we find ourselves doing this dance again.

I took several deep sighs before writing this post.  Why is nothing easy with this team.  I’m tired.  It’s 9pm and I am finishing off the 4th of four important posts today.  But the Bat-signal went off and I feel like I am needed.  So The Mets Police type again.

Yesterday the Bat-signal went off several times.  In the morning I finally replied to the cries for the fan-fest.  Mid-morning it was back to All Star pricing.  Then the bomb dropped that ESPN had moved Banner Day to 8pm.

(Deep sigh again).

I wish the Mets would just look at their own promotional schedule where nothing has been announced beyond May and almost nothing in May.  Just pick another day for Banner Day.  How about Saturday May 11th against the Pirates.  1:10pm.  There’s no giveaway announced.  I doubt the Pirates are a big draw.  I don’t see FOX putting that game at 8pm.  Saturday May 11th against the Pirates.

Can’t David walk into Dave’s and then walk into Jeff’s and just decide.  Put out a nice press release where “we know our fans treat Banner Day as a special day for families” blah blah and just say the date has changed.  Maybe there are a few people who have already lined up their May 26th tickets (but hey even I haven’t) – I’m pretty sure Citi Field won’t be a complete sell out this year.  Those fans can be accommodated.

May 11th guys.  Day game.

I have to believe the Mets can’t be tone-deaf.  I can’t think of any reason Banner Day has to stay on May 26th.  If it’s about the judges – well you already have to tell the judges to come seven hours later.  Last year the judges weren’t decided until shortly before, I doubt they are lined up in January.

As a Mets fan I live on hope.  I hang on to the “for now” in the tweet below and I will hope.

Spoke to a Mets spokesman, who said that for now, Banner Day will go on as scheduled before the ESPN game on Sun., May 26. (cc @metspolice)
1/15/13 6:51 PM

But I have been doing this long enough to have little hope.  I’m so flipped off about their seeming inability to consider another date that I want to take my ball and go home.  But I will not become Fireman Ed.  I’m staying in this until they win the World Series while dressed nicely, then I’m done.

Until then I’ll fight the good fight for you best I can.  Banner Night is wrong and easily solvable.  $63 tickets to Opening Day is wrong yet harder to solve.  That doesn’t mean we roll over and die and let Wilpon, Wilpon, Katz, Maher etc walk all over us.

2012 was kinda cool.  So far 2013 is a mess.  $63 for Cowgill and now Banner Night.  Tone-deaf.  Two steps forward, two steps back.


Lots to cover on the blog today.  Fan-fests, All Star pricing, more on Banner Night.  Check back about once an hour this morning.

Here's what I believe the Mets All Star Game strips cost
Section 520 - #movebannerday

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  1. How about this fix for the $63 mess. Buy one and get one–give away another low level game or a coupon for a half price ticket to another game. there are vaious ways to present this. Take the loss on the ticket price but make it up on the parking, concessions etc. Plus, you will generate some good will with the fans.

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