Check out the Mets spring nameplates with ASG logo

mets 2013 spring nameplate

I’m not sure if I’m going to bother heading down there this spring. I have a lot of travel this year including some FLorida time and between Banner Night and $63 and More Cowgill I’m feeling kinda Fireman Ed this week.

sad fireman ed

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3 Replies to “Check out the Mets spring nameplates with ASG logo”

  1. I know how you fell, I live only an hour from PSL And I do t want to even go yet.

    The only reason I will go is for the tiki bar, hot chicks and the suntan!

  2. Murphy, Wright, Davis all get their own little corner.

    Funny to me that they’re now the “old guys” in the clubhouse. A year ago people wanted to send Murphy away for a bag of balls and eight months ago Davis needed to be cut, if you listened to FAN.

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