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Under the ESPN scenario fans will be allowed to parade their home made banners around Citi Field starting at 5 p.m. with the actual game starting at 8:05 pm. I am a purist and I feel that this scenario is wrong. I know it is Memorial Day weekend but and a lot of people will not be working the next day – but Banner Day in my opinion must be hosted in the early afternoon. It has been reported that the Mets are unwilling to reschedule the game to a different day – such as May 11th like my Blogger in Arms, Shannon Shark from Mets Police has suggested.

I feel I have a good idea that will help smooth over the acrimony that this has stated – in addition to having Banner Day on May 26th followed by the ESPN game give the fans something elso to make them want to come to Citi Field. Something like lets say umm … BRINGING BACK OLD TIMERS DAY !!!

Think about it Mets brass if you happen to be reading this (and I know you are) you are killing two birds with one stone. Bringing back both of these beloved events on one day could possibly get fans in seats and increase revenue for a night game that most likely will not draw well. Even if there is no exhibition softball game between old Mets players such as Mookie, Tom Terrific and Mo Vaughn then hows about honoring the 40th anniversary of the “YA GOTTA BELIEVE” National League pennant winning team of ’73.

This is crazy enough to make everybody happy .

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Sorry for the long excerpt Rusty but it’s a good idea even though the you know whos will never do it.

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