The M-Files Issue 7: Crystal Skulls, Skin of Evil, Go On

The M-Files is a weekly divergence from talking about the Mets.  Even The Mets Police have a life outside of The Mets.  These are the sort of things we talk about.

I recently re-watched Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls and this time around I loved it. I bought the blu-rays when they came out and they look fantastic. As I had recently watched Raiders and Temple, it took a few minutes to get used to Dr. Jones looking much older but once I got into the movie I stopped thinking about it.

I don’t understand why people dislike this movie. It feels like an Indy movie and it is a ton of fun. The “nuke the fridge” scene doesn’t bother me the way it drives others nuts. To understand this movie you have to understand that they were going for a movie that lives and breathes in the 1950’s. Russians, UFO’s, atomic blasts. So the man hides in a fridge and lives. He also has survived the wrath of God and a guy trying to rip out his heart.

The one scene I don’t like is when Mutt swings on the vines. Cheesy, and having said that I can deal with UFOs and a guy in a fridge, this scene is too much for me.

Other than that I like Mutt, and I like the whole Mutt/Marion/Indy family unit. The plot works just fine, and with the exception of a 20 minute drag between them finding the skull and Indy and Marion falling in the sandpit the movie moves along.

And there’s that great scene at the end where Mutt goes to pick up the hat…

indiana jones hat

This week on my rewatch of Star Trek: The Next Generation it’s Skin of Evil aka the episode where Yar dies. Hey Denise Crosby, you know what’s a good career move? Asking off a 7-season TV show plus 4 movies.

So a black garbage bag kills Yar, nobody feels anything because Denise Crosby can’t act, Worf takes over security and thus we get one step closer to the TNG we kinda loved even if it has not aged well at all.

As for good old Counselor Troi..she senses things and is dressed like this.

counselor troi outfit of the week

I’d like to know what was up with Marina Sirtis during season 1 – Troi is often at “conferences” and not really in episodes.  In this episode it really seems like she shot her scenes at a different time than the rest of the cast.  In the second Q episode she wasn’t in it at all.  Hmmm.

For the crew of the Enterprise it’s another visit to Planet Soundstage, the planet with the half mile horizon hidden by some small rocks.  Very TOS.

I couldn’t make it through this one without skipping about 25 minutes.  There’s a funeral scene at the end – once again this show is lucky it had Patrick Stewart, but even Picard is undercut by a horrible hologram farewell from Denise Crosby.  Ugh.

Oh and how corny is “away team?” What was wrong with landing party?

go onAnyone watching Go On? A few people on twitter suggested it as a poor man’s Community. I agree. Fun. Missable but watchable. I have nothing else to say about it, but it’s ok.

Finally, hockey is back. Here is someone named Howie Rose to tell us about the 48 game season.

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  1. Go On is a funny show…I like it a lot….but I don’t know where that promo pic is from…the dude with the fro has never been on…and I’ve watched all the episodes! Hmmmm….

  2. With very few exceptions, Star Trek: The Next Generation didn’t really get “good” until somewhere in the third season – and that was my impression during its original run. That’s why I haven’t picked up the new blu-ray sets yet – I hope the later seasons hold up better today.

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