Not @mediagoon’s Mets jerseys #101: Mercury Mets

Since both @mediagoon and Shannon finally tapped out of jerseys (at least for a few weeks), I’m taking the ball and running with it for a while.

Here’s a jersey that Shannon, Goon and I all have in common – maybe the ugliest of all time.  Expect to see several of these at a game in 2013 (Brian? Pete? Who else will join?) Mercury Mets Jersey

Shannon here – I was bidding on a second Mercury on Saturday and somebody sniped me with 4 seconds to go. I actually had my finger on the BID NOW button but it didn’t take. I have called that person very nasty names among friends. Not cool.

And now a Gooden book to join the Piazza book and Howie Rose book (Mets)
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