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Dear Friends,

Let’s split this discussion into two parts.

The easiest part to grasp is my passion that Mets Banner Day be a day game.  That was well discussed last week and if you’re a regular reader you know my rap.

But whether you believe Banner Night is the right move or that Saturday May 11 or Saturday June 8 might be better as day games, it is important that you vote.

Here’s why…

The Mets actually gave a damn.  The fans were heard.  They are trying to do what is best.  No, not everyone will be happy with the outcome.  Banner Night might win the vote and I will be sad, but at least this doesn’t go down without a discussion, without a different way of looking at things, without an opportunity to make things better in Queens.  That’s what Mets Police is about.  Mets Police isn’t about busting the Mets’ chops for the sake of busting.  I want all Mets fans to have the optimal experience every time they interact with this team.

Please vote.

Vote for the day that is best for YOU and your family.  It will take you two seconds to click this link and then one more.  Let the Mets see a big turnout for this election regardless of whether or not I might like the result.

They’ve asked what YOU think.  Take the two seconds to let them know.

Vote by clicking here.


Below is the text the Mets wrote to the fans.

Banner Day is currently scheduled for Sunday, May 26. However, after our promotion schedule was released ESPN selected that date for a Sunday Night game. Some of you are very passionate about having Banner Day on a day game. Others feel because Monday, May 27 is the Memorial Day Holiday, the original date still works.

We’d like to hear from more of our fans to help decide which date is best. Vote for when Banner Day should take place this season: the current date of Sunday, May 26 or one of two potential alternate dates: Saturday, May 11 or Saturday, June 8.

Voting ends Friday, January 25, at 11:59 p.m

Nice job by the Mets on this.  Don’t leave them hanging.  Vote now. 

(On a lesser note, it will be fun for Mets fans to let ESPN know we don’t appreciate them messing with the schedule.)

Thank you for voting,


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