Link: Breaking Down The Craziest Half-Inning In Television History (Deadspin/Mets)

Remember that time I overanalyzed the commercial with the couple watching Mets games in Istanbul or wherever they were?  Now imagine if Greg Prince had taken on that task.

Below is the most amazing breakdown of a scene in Elementary that overanalyzes a Mets game that Sherlock and Watson are watching on TV.  I can’t begin to explain the article without spoiling it.  Take a deep breath. have a few Lucky Charms, and enjoy the ride I am about to send you on…

The scene… comes at the end of the pilot and shows Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) winding down after a long day of deducing by watching the Mets.

via Breaking Down The Craziest Half-Inning In Television History.

Thanks Chris for the heads up.


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