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The great Greg Prince threw up some Mets Police linkbait.  In exchange for me lifting five paragraphs I will ask you to buy a copy of his new book.

Daniel Murphy seems almost permanently planted onto our baseball landscape. In an age when players who aren’t David Wright don’t exactly endure on the Mets depth chart, Murphy could practically be said to engender blue-and-orange longevity. How long has Daniel Murphy been a Met?

So long that only Wright and Johan Santana are current Mets who’ve been Mets longer.

So long that he played a significant role on a Met playoff contender.

So long that Daniel Murphy has succeeded, has failed, has persevered and has succeeded again.

But not so long that we’re absolutely sure what Daniel Murphy will be when his final story is told.

via Parsing Daniel Murphy « Faith and Fear in Flushing.


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