1994 New York Mets Outlook

The following scans are from an April 1994 issue of Basball Digest, previewing the upcoming season. It’s looking bleak: The Mets are picked to be the worst team in the entire league. They ended up finishing in third in the division at 55-58. No one successfully picked the World Series winner, because there was none.


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    1. @Ron- While we appreciate the help noticing the images didn’t work right, I am sure you could have worded it better then saying meaningless post. You could have been more positive and say “Hey guys, I don’t know if you realize this or not but the images won’t enlarge”.

      Does the post have more meaning now?

  1. Good grief, I was already a devoted early-teens Mets fan by that point — ensconced in the orange and blue enough to the point that the failures of ’92 and ’93 didn’t scare me off — but who the heck is Alan Zinter? And Frank Seminara? And Pete Smith?

    Also, while the big loss of the strike wiping out the postseason will always and forever be the irrevocable blow it dealt to the Montreal Expos — perhaps sealing the team’s Canadian fate — I’ll always remember collateral damage will be robbing the Mets a chance to prove they Weren’t As Bad As All That. As their record that season attests, they may have even finished the season with a .500 record, which, after the 103-loss ’93, would’ve been simply amazing.

  2. Zinter was traded for Rico Brogna, who became the best thing about 1994 by its premature end. Going 55-58 a year after 59-103 was one of the quiet triumphs in franchise history.

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