The M-Files Issue 8: face it Fringe sucked, new Star Wars, NHL 13

The M-Files is a weekly divergence from talking about the Mets.  Even The Mets Police have a life outside of The Mets.  These are the sort of things we talk about.


imagesI’m not sure how I feel about J.J. Abrams doing the new Star Wars movie.  My initial reaction is to make a smushyface that “enough with the J.J. Abrams already” but then I remember how skeptical I was of the new Star Trek and how much I loved the film.  And I loved Lost (even if they didn’t use Dogen correctly).

But then I think about Fringe.

Let’s all face it, Fringe sucked.

It started out boring kinda X-Files at its worst.  Then it got a little interesting when they brought on Nimoy and the parallel universe.

However, I never cared about what was going on in the parallel universe except stuff like the Twin Towers and the blimps.  They could have done an entire episode that was nothing but Towers and blimps and I would have watched.  How did that work?  Can I take a blimp to San Francisco?  How long does that take?

The Observers were like almost interesting but in a kind of who cares way.

Walter, who was at the center of the series, drove me nuts.  Basically I skipped any scene Walter was in.  If you think about that it means I skipped 65% of the entire series.

fringe fauxliviaThe one mystery of the show that I couldn’t get my head around is why is Fauxlivia so much hotter than Olivia?  Is it the hair color?  The way she carries herself – confident as opposed to mousy?  Anyway, main character guy whose name might be Peter – yeah it’s Peter (exactly) – should have stayed with Fauxlivia.

The finale wrapped things up in a nice enough bow with the ever-so-popular Reset Button.  Never mind, that never happened.

I continue to be obsessed with NHL 13, the finest hockey game in years and years.  I’m no Greg Prince of Video Games so I can’t write 17 paragraphs describing to you how awesome it is but it’s awesome.  Get it.

Media Goon and I are both enjoying The Walking Dead video game.  We were both late to it but we’re both hooked.  Also a should-grab if you like the show/comic/zombies.

I wanted to shoot some zombies the other night but my copy of Black Ops II won’t load.  The Playstation doesn’t even see it.  It doesn’t recognize it as a game.  It plays everything else and the disk is clean.  Any ideas out there?

josh holloway han soloBack to J.J. Abrams – I hope this new Star Wars movie takes place a long time after Episode 6.  At least 30 years so they can cameo Hamill.  I don’t care about the rest but I feel Hamill should be in it.

If you’ve read the Thrawn Books that’s a nice starting point for a direct sequel but then you have to recast everyone which could be jarring.  Might be better to have 65 year old Luke send some new jedi on a mission and that’s that.

But if they do a direct sequel and need to recast, and J.J. is in charge then Josh Holloway (Sawyer) from Lost would not be a bad Han Solo.  I always rooted for Nathan Fillion in the role but Holloway can play smuggler better.

I didn’t get to Counselor Troi this week.  I’ll have to make some time for Star Trek TNG tonight.  Make it so.

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