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sterline enterprises van

Caption This Photo. Comments are open! Winner gets 63 points. Go.

Not @mediagoon’s Mets jerseys #107: home 80′s Seaver
Peluche de los Mets cantando Carlos Baute Viva Venezuela

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  1. Mets trade Joe Pignatano’s gardening van and Josh Thole to the Detroit Tigers for a bucket of baseballs and a Scooby Doo van to be named later.

  2. To save money this year, the Mets will use company van for trips to Philly, Washington, and interleague with Yankees. Bus and commuter flights have been cut from budget this year.

  3. Hopefully the Mets didn’t overpay for this veteran! Spoke too soon, Mets deferred payments through 2020!

  4. …..and, so, buy a full season ticket plan, and we’ll thrown in this deluxe, official Met, transportantion vehicle….so, whaddya say ???….aw c’mon, it’s a great deal….I’ll even fill up the tank!

  5. “Stop worrying, Jeff. It’s easy. Just pull up along Roosevelt Avenue, grab Mr. Met and floor it. Saul’s writing a ransom note as we speak!”

  6. QUICK! CALL DETECTIVE STABLER AND BENSON OF THE SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT! The van that stole our outfield has been spotted!

  7. I always heard that the Vengabus was coming. Glad to finally see it. Just as I expected it to look.

  8. Oh dear. Here’s a worse one:

    ♫Cause like a Wilpon he was layin’ there
    No decent outfielders and he don’t care
    He heard Scott Boras might just lend a hand
    He’s gonna kidnap them in his Chevy van
    And that’s all right with me♫

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