Not @mediagoon’s Mets jerseys #109: The Captain

A pretty straight-forward jersey by Osh41.  Note the button at the neck.



Dan here – Osh41 and Shannon should know better.  The button at the neck jerseys were gone by the time Hernandez arrived at Shea in 1983 (this style was abandoned after the 82 season). This 17 was either Jerry Morales or Ellis Valentine


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5 Replies to “Not @mediagoon’s Mets jerseys #109: The Captain”

  1. Then again, without having leggible tagging, I can pretty much figure out what this jersey is…

    1. It’s not a 78 or a 79 because the tagging on 78 and 79 would be inside the lower part of the jersey, and the strip tag would be in the tail and not the neckline.

    2. It is not an 81 because the strip tag would be next to the Rawlings tag and inside the tail of the jersey.

    3. It is not an 82 because of the presence of the skyline sleeve patch.

    That leaves only 1980, which incidentally, all tags shown from a distance in the photo are in all the right places.

    This jersey is a 1980 Jerry Morales.

    1. Yes it is a 1980 Jerry Morales. Even have the cert of authenticity ! Shame on MP for implying that this was the Captain. I know better.

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