How you can help the MetsPolice

It’s one of those pesky travel days for me, so @mediagoon is in charge today.

Thanks to everyone who reads  The site is only as good as its sources and so many of you send in tips, ideas, pictures, news and random items that it really helps the blog grow.

Our goal here is to be an advocate for the fan.

At an editorial level – you already have MetsBlog and a bunch of other sites from which you can get Mets News or game recaps or even overanalysis of made up advanced statistics if that floats your boat.

We’re about life in the upper deck.  Ticket prices, Banner Day, what the team wears, what is spring training like, what’s going on in the Mets fan community and in the experience of the Mets fan.

Here’s how you can help.

Submissions: and always good to copy

Twitter:  @metspolice   @mediagoon (I’ll plug the rest of the staff over the weekend)

Facebook:  Facebook is sticky, always nice if you “Like” a post and especially the page.

If you like the site and you think your friends will like it then please tell them about us.  Share a link, use those social media icons you see at the end of a post.  Retweet a link.  Like a facebook page.  Hit Share on Facebook.  All that stuff helps us get sticky readership.

The newsletter will be gearing up again soon – you can sign up over there in the right sidebar of the site.

Finally, support our sponsors.  StitchesNY and AmazinTix have been with us for quite a while.  Check them out and let them know we sent you.

Not @mediagoon’s Mets jerseys #112: B-B-Benny and the Mets
Best Mets picture you will see all day

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