The M-Files Issue 9: AKA The Media Goon Files


AAAAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD welcome to the M-files where the M stands for Media Goon (at least for this week). So Mr. Shark is doing his James Bond thing and I am in charge of the site, so why not take the time to do my own version of the M-Files.

The Walking Dead. I know Shannon has covered the game and the TV Show. I want to talk to about the comics and the novels. The comic is where the idea from the tv show came from. It is awesome. I love the show but the comics blow it away. The death and violence that had happened in the comics come so far out of left field that it just leaves you numb/stunned.
The novels, I understand is a way to make some more money off the franchise. The Rise of the Governor to me is just like the Star Wars Prequels. They take away the surprise and the mystique of the villain. If you guys come across it don’t bother reading it.

The Road to Woodbury is a little better. It shows the journey of some people who become residents of Woodbury and the horrors they see both before and after they get there.

American Horror Story: Asylum

I just finished the whole season( lots of time to watch things at work). Wasn’t bad, I want to know if they missed any horror genre to throw into that last season. Geez it was everywhere, I half expected to see Freddy Kreuger show up.

Star Wars- JJ Abrams is directing Episode VII. I am glad Lucas’s hands are not all over my beloved Star Wars still. I am hoping that the next trilogy makes me forget about the last three movies. I am still angry about paying money to see Jar Jar. Expect more lens flare.


WWE- I miss the days of the Attitude Era, Even Shannon was into it when the Rock and DX were on Monday Nights during the Monday Night Wars. Yeah I am a big fan of wrestling. My first match I ever went to was when I was seven years old. It was Hulk Hogan winning the heavyweight title from the dreaded Iron Sheik. I was hooked from then on. It just seems like the WWE just lost its way over the last 10 yrs since it went to being a PG show. Shannon used to call me up now and then and drop a promo like the Rock now and then on the Mets or whatever was on his mind at the time. If you get a chance while The Rock is on this run with the WWE to try to catch one of his promos. They are great. CM PUNK is the only guy today that I think can go toe to toe with him right now.

I am starting a web show as a pre cursor for Twidiot Abroad starring Ed Marcus(relation to Carol Marcus?) aka @lagranderusty. He will be answering all types of questions sent in by you the fans. It could be anything. Mets, dating advice, how not to be funny on twitter, anything you guys want. Ed won’t see the questions ahead of time. Please email them to me at Man this should be fun…..

I am done for now. Hope you guys enjoyed it. I am stuck on set right now for an overnight shoot….JOY


AGENT SHARK are you back yet?

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