MetsBro: Mets to chip in on Polo Grounds staircase

I was happy to read about the below on MetsBro, and was also excited to see he used “formerlys” which is a term I definitely started.

The stairway was built by the “fomerlys” in 1913 and starts at Coogan’s Bluff winding all the way down to the entrance of the Polo Grounds site.

In 2011 the New York City Park and Recreation Department began a $950,000 restoration project and it is getting close to completion. Major League Baseball along with the former tenants (including the Mets) contributed to fund the renovations. The stairway will appear as it original did 100 years ago at today’s building standards


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  1. OMG, the Wilpons paying for something. And paying for something of New York Giants heritage. Learn something new every day!

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