So you want to be a Mets blogger

I found this Google Trends graph pretty interesting, and I find it matches my own experience.  In a typical modern Mets season (you know the one with the good start and the All Star Break Collapse) the best months are March-June and then traffic falls off a cliff.  Not surprisingly a lot of people were interested in the Mets in October 2006.

google mets


That letter A is from the beginning of June 2012.  Anyone remember what happened that day?

Below are my site stats (sorted to just map months) and it’s interesting to see a similar pattern.  All the peaks are at starts of seasons.  And Mr. New Blogger – be prepared for that rough first year.   That first bump was in April 2009.  Thanks Obstructed Views!!   Here’s April 15, 2008 through end of January 2013.


mets police traffic through january 2013

Anyway if you do want to be a Mets blogger, go for it! My best advice is find your own voice. Don’t try to be Cerrone or Rubin or whatever it is I do. What’s your own thing? And don’t waste time on game recaps.

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