Mets fans: be patient with Matt Harvey

He’s 23 years old.

Born March 27th, 1989.  “The Dynasty” was already over and none of us knew it.

This will be his third season of professional baseball.

He has pitched 56 professional games.  10 of those at the major league level.

He has thrown 59 and a third innings to major league batters.

That’s 178 outs.

His major league record is two games under .500 at 3 and 5.

His name is Matt Harvey.

I too want him to be an ace, but Mets fans are already throwing the word around and that’s unfair.  As Mets fans we can’t expect this guy to come out and go 17-9.  2013 is about becoming an established major leaguer.  Keep that in mind should you find Matt Harvey is 3-5 around the end of May.  Unrealistic expectations lead to unfair boos, and we all know Queens can get ugly.

Maybe he will be 8-0 at the end of May.   I sure hope so.  But be ready for 3-5, and don’t turn on the guy if it does.  Hopefully he’ll be here for 15 years and can become The Ace, just don’t demand it this year.

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