The M-Files Issue 10: Community and Walking Dead return, Star Trek spoiler, is Star Wars: Detours shelved?

mfilesI decided to try the M-Files on late Friday to see if I could generate more discussion.  The M-Files are what the Mets Police talk about when not talking about the Mets.



Community is back!  What did you guys think of S4 episode 1?

I didn’t find it as amazing as some other episodes, but it was entertaining enough.  Strangely the parts that worked best and were funniest were the scenes inside Abed’s hacky sitcom.  I really enjoyed the use of Fred Willard as Pierce which is doubly funny if you know Chevy has quit the show.  If we are lucky enough to get a season 5 maybe they should just let Fred take the role and ignore what happened.

The show did OK in the ratings…nothing great but it might be enough to let the show stick around since most other things on NBC are tanking.

I have been enjoying The Office far more since Andy more or less left the show.  That character has been a mess since they started writing him as Michael Scott II.  I know I’m nitpicking a sitcom but it just doesn’t make any sense that there would be two idiotic bosses in a row.  They should have just went with “sense” and had Jim be the boss and they could have just done what they are doing this season anyway with wacky hijinks every week.

Lately I have been wondering who is in charge while Andy is away.  Is Dwight still the Assistant (to) the regional manager.  Dwight is insane but we know he is good at sales.  The same was true of Michael – remember the Chili’s episode way back when.  I don’t know why Andy got the job.

The Walking Dead returns this weekend after not too long a break.  There’s an AMC marathon this weekend, so if you’re snowed in and need to catch up that’s a good opportunity.  I will likely spend my weekend working on the book, NHL 13, Game of Thrones and Walking Dead.  There isn’t even football on Sunday!

SPOILERS FOR STAR TREK: looks like someone at Entertainment Weekly may have messed up.  A few photos were labeled “Kirk and Spock” but one was labeled “Kirk and Khan.”  Odd random mistake to make, no?

On-line someone was asking why they would go to the Khan well again and i pointed out that it has been 31 years since the last Khan movie.  He’s Kirk’s joker.  It makes sense.

I”m kind of hoping that this trilogy ends with Old Spock just restoring the original timeline.  If this series is 3 movies and out then there’s no reason for this timeline to continue to exist.

Meanwhile over in a galaxy far, far away….

Hasbro has some new “Black series” figures:  After 35 years of fantastic plastic standing tall in pop culture at 3¾ inches, Hasbro is releasing the Star Wars Black Series this year, beginning a new set of 6-inch figures that will feature more articulation and an increased attention to detail. (via USA Today).

And did you see Lucasfilm (aka Disney) decided to “postpone” Episodes II and III in 3-D?  Folks were actually working on those, so it suggests to me that the new Disney Overlords don’t want to remind you about the prequels while they get you jacked for the J.J. Abrams Star Wars movie.

And…I noticed that nobody has updated the Star Wars: Detours Facebook page since 2012.  I wonder if the Disney Overlords don’t want people to see Detours and think Disney has “ruined” the franchise.  I thought the clips looked funny but I can see why this might not be the first impression Disney wants to make with the mass-populace.  Detours was actually developed under George.

and finally, the story this week is that outside of the new trilogy there would be standalone movies including a Yoda movie.  As @lagranderusty might ask…thoughts?

Enjoy the snow.  Stay safe.

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5 Replies to “The M-Files Issue 10: Community and Walking Dead return, Star Trek spoiler, is Star Wars: Detours shelved?”

  1. It’s too bad Disney delayed the 3D versions of the other two Star Wars films. It was kind of fun to see the pod race and space battle scenes from Phantom Menace in 3D, and it was nice to see Star Wars of any kind in the theater again.

    Is Khan going to be the villain in the new Star Trek movie? Probably, but I was hoping they’d dust off the Gary Mitchell story from the tv show’s second pilot and do something with that – I think it would offer more opportunities without going back over old ground.

    1. I saw Phantom Menace 3D with Goon and my kid and I seriously asked them if it was actually in 3D. Now I don’t have the best stereoscopic vision, but I really wondered what was up.

  2. But you are going back over old ground no matter what. Khan and Mitchell are both from the original series. I am dying to see Abram’s take on Khan.

    1. We’ve seen Khan’s whole story. What can Abrams do with him that’s new, interesting & better that we had in classic Trek?

      I was really hoping that Abrams would go in a brand new direction, but old the Gary Mitchell rumors/speculation were more interesting to me than seeing Khan again.

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