Finally a quiet spring and a home for Daniel Murphy? (#imwith28)

daniel murphy mets metspolice 1Is this finally the spring where Daniel Murphy gets left alone?

To recap Murph’s career so far:

  • 2008:  Hey this kid Murphy can hit!  Everyone likes him!
  • 2009:  Murphy sucks in left field!  Delgado is hurt, stick him at first!
  • 2010:  Hey when does Ike Davis get here?   Go learn to play second.  Injured.  Injured again.
  • 2011:  Hey you can’t start over Brad Emaus for some reason.  Oh wait you can.  No wait we need you to play third.  Never mind we ned you to play first.
  • 2012:  Pre-conceieved notion that Murph can’t play second…finally gets 138 games there, bats .291 (career .292)


So far I haven’t seen the storyline where people are running Daniel out of town yet.  I suppose some sort of Wilmer Flores campaign could start on twitter, or Colactus could get on another Jordany Valdespin kick (64 innings at second in 2012).

There’s always Justin Turner (91 innings at second last year), but in a season of More Cowgill there’s talk of Turner playing outfield.


So Murph, it looks like it’s going to be OK.   The infield is not the problem with this team.  Play deep, get to what you can, hit .292 and everything will be just fine.



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