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Mets fans are entitled to wonder if this whole thing was a diversion intended to make the Mets look like real players in the free-agent market, when they’re not. On the other hand, Sandy Alderson would seem to be above such shenanigans, so who knows what this was really about.In the end, though, the Mets will now proceed with an outfield so lacking in everyday players that Alderson has cracked jokes about it. Perhaps there are more jokes to come, which isn’t such a bad thing. If you’re going to lose, you might as well laugh.

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  1. (1) I don’t trust ANYTHING Sandy Alderson says; (2) the Wilpons are notorious for being cheap. That being said, there’s no way they’d sacrifice that draft pick to acquire Michael Bourn. The Mets constantly mortgage the present for the future, telling us to “be patient” and wait for future talent to develop. The whole Michael Bourn teasing was about the same thing, investing in the future that never pays off. Same old song, same old dance. Sadly, nothing ever changes with the management we have and it won’t until they sell the team.

    1. I agree with every word. This was a farce and Sandy Alderson cannot be trusted. He is either incompetent or disingenuious–take your pick.

  2. “Sandy Alderson cannot be trusted. He is either incompetent or disingenuious–take your pick.”

    Yup – and Mets fans are really picking up on this now. The sooner Alderson goes, the better.

    1. He’s both. In fact, as long as Alderson’s at the helm, I will not be buying any Mets Jerseys. I would not be one bit surprised to see all this minor league talent traded before the Mets can reap the rewards. Harvey? Gone. Wheeler? Gone. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it. By the way, if these young kids stay and have great seasons, what happens when it’s contract time? Rather than cough up the cash (as with Dickey), we’ll trade them, no doubt. To trade a 20-game, Cy Young award-winning pitcher and NOT get a major-league-ready player is ridiculous. Sell the team, Wilpons! Please.

      1. Kathy – you’re exactly right.

        This all started downhill with his infamous ‘box of chocolates’ move. Imagine this team with both Dickey and Reyes still on it, young arms coming along.

        1. Okay, Tom, you’re gonna have to refresh my memory. What’s the infamous “box of chocolates” move? I’m sure I’ll get a good laugh out of that one. But seriously, I’ve been a Mets fan since 1970, through thick and thin, and can’t help but think if Nelson Doubleday was still co-owner, none of this nonsense would be happening. They say if you love something, let it go. Well, it’s time the Wilpons, for all their love for their team, have GOT to let them go and sell the team. As a baseball fan, I can’t see myself abandoning my Mets and loving another team. Who? Those idiots in the Bronx? Never. Ever. Those other idiots down the NJ Turnpike, the Phillies? That too will never happen. I’m stuck — and disgusted.

  3. Oh, yeah, all those “jokes” about not having an outfield, the Mets being cash-strapped, etc., aren’t one bit funny. Let’s see if Sandy’s laughing when his ass is fired. And don’t blame Terry Collins if we suck — he can only play the hand he is dealt.

  4. Kathy,
    I would like to buy you a drink! OMG, I, too, have been a long time Mets fan and this ownership is breaking my heart. I would love to sit down with Fred and ask him what in the hell is he thinking.
    Plus, I am not going to even get on him over the Madoff Mess.
    He had a lot of company at that party but what he is doing with our Mets is disgraceful.

    1. What people forget is the Wilpons didn’t LOSE any money with Bernie Madoff; they just didn’t make as much as they hoped to. While others were wiped out, that wasn’t the case for the Wilpons. For example, instead of making $800 million, they “only” made $500 million. In their disillusioned state, they lost $300 million. They whole damn thing is messed up. I got an issue for you, that while inconsequential, it bugs the hell out of me nonetheless. The Mets go through the motions of putting together the Mets Museum, yet there is not one picture, plaque — anything — acknowledging our 2 World Series MVPs (Clendenon in 1969 and Knight in 1986, both of whom wore #22, by the way). How is that possible?!?!? The two men responsible for the championships have been ignored! There’s Piazza all over the place — we didn’t win anything with him. How about we have that drink and talk about our lovable losers? I could talk about the Mets all day! Heading home now; will talk to you tomorrow. Email me!

    1. I sent you one back. Now if I could only delete that message — hope no weirdos end up emailing me. But, hey, if they’re a Mets fan they gotta be okay, right?1?!?

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