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elevenWith all the talk of Bourn and the 11th pick in the draft I thought I’d look for myself to see what an 11th pick in an MLB Draft can return. I pay absolutely no attention to the MLB Draft so I came into this with no idea what I would find. Maybe the 11 is a total waste of time, maybe it is gold.

With the 11th pick in the 2000 Draft the Brewers took…..Dave Kryznel.

I needed to Google Dave. Dave got 47 PAs in 2004 with Milwaukee and batted .220. In 2005 he 0 for 7 PAs, and for those of you who like OPS, his OPS is listed as minus 100 whatever that means. Is that even possible?


With the 11th pick in the 2001 Draft the Tigers took….Kenny Baugh.

I had to Google him too. Kenny went 55-47 in a seven year minor league career and never made it for even a cup of coffee.


I have heard of 2002’s Jeremy Hermida. He may not be great but he’s had a major league career. 2003’s “Robert Aubrey” played 2 years with the Orioles as Michael Aubrey.

2004’s Neil Walker is an OFer with the Pirates…and right about now his 2012 stats of .280 14 and 69 are numbers you’d take from Cowgill/Baxter in a heartbeat.

In 2005 the 11 got you Andrew McCutchen who would look great not only in the lineup but would look great on the cover of the yearbook.

2006’s Max Scherzer may not excite you but he is 52-42 in the majors.

2007’s Phillipe Aumomt made it to the bigs in 2012 with the Phillies.

And while 2008’s Justin Smoake might not light up your eyes, keep in mind he was included in the 2010 trade by the Rangers to get Cliff Lee from Seattle.

Aaron James Crow has an awesome name, and he’s played in two major league seasons so far with the Royals.

I’ll stop there because then the guys get a little too young to even look at yet.

10 seasons – one McCutchen, a few bona fide major leaguers and a few busts.

Would you take a 1 in 10 chance in Sandy picking a McCutchen? I’d rather take that shot than having locked in four years of Bourn money for a 2013 team that I think is going nowhere. Putting lipstick on a pig might change the win total from 63 wins to 68…but keep in mind this team won 74 games in 2012 with the Cy Young. Even if Matt Harvey goes 20-6, there are a lot of wins to be found to get this team to 95 victories. Michael Bourn was not a 20 game difference maker. I’ll try my luck that there’s a McCutchen to be found at number 11.

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  1. The draft pick issue was not just about the one pick, but also about having half of their draft budget wiped out, because of the way the new CBA is written. Losing that pick limits the potential of the entire draft, not just one round.

  2. For one the Mets couldn’t take advantage of that, er, special relationship between the used car salesman MLB commissioner and the son of a … an undertaker that’s the majority owner of the Mets. It’s all a prevarication. If the Mets really wanted Bourn they would have dealt with the MLB draft pick rule much earlier in the process. Lots of spin here … like Wilpon and Mets debt, don’t believe everything you her from Mets management.

    1. Well, now that Fred has come out and said the Mets have plenty of cash to throw around, it will be interesting to see if he really parts with it. By now he ought to know that if he says something like that, the fans expect a return on those words. Interesting he said it AFTER the Bourn fiasco and not before. The sad thing is, they’re worried about “the future” when Terry Collins is concerned about NOW and putting a decent team on the field THIS YEAR, not 2014, 2015 and beyond. A few years ago, they asked us to be patient, the waiting will pay off. I’m ready to collect NOW; I’m sick of “hurry up and wait” for tomorrow when tomorrow never gets here.

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