The M-Files issue 11: The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Skyfall, Survivor

The M-Files are a weekly look at the things the Mets Police talk about when not talking about the Mets.

special agent phillipI dive in and out of Survivor.  Some seasons I don’t care (last season once Jeff Kent got voted out) and some seasons I can’t stop (I will watch Boston Rob Anything).  How awesome is it that Special Agent Phillip is back?!

The Walking Dead.  Did you like?  I seem to have had the same reaction as most of America did.  We like the show, we liked the episode, but there was nothing amazing about it.  I read some SPOILERS which I will SPOILER here – in an interview with now ousted show runner Glenn Mazzara I learned that Andrea will be attempting to fill the power vacuum left by The Governor.  I guess we saw a little of that with her speech.

Someone else on the internet, I forget where, made a good point that if you are a Townie you have a pretty good life.  Maybe the gladiator thing is a little weird, but it’s not that much different that Wrestlemania.  Beyond that you sleep at night, there seem to be some attractive people in town to cuddle with, there is food and there is booze.

the walking dead maggieYou have no idea what Merle and the Governor were up to.  You don’t know they kill soldiers of that they kidnapped Glenn and Maggie.  You just hang out in town.  If anything you might be bored.

Then all of a sudden some “crazy people” bust in to town and start shooting up and six of your townspeople die.  Wouldn’t you hate Rick’s outlaw gang?   I would.

The think I wasn’t into was Rick’s crazy vision.  This is where @mediagoon will chime in with Comic Book Something Something.

Goon here- Well, Mr. Shark since you invited me to put my two cents in, I shall. The visions could work, I am not completely sold on them though. I could see them making Rick look weak in front of his crew and then Tyrese becomes his go to guy like in the comics.  In the comics Rick hears the phone ringing after Lori dies and is “haunted” by her and people who have died in the past from the group. Tyrese and Michone step up to back Rick’s plays in front of the rest of the group.

By the way, now that I have ended my pursuit of Evangeline Lilly (I had the same shot the Mets had with Bourn) I think Maggie might be perfect.  Don’t tell Mrs. Mets Police.

Goon again- I have to agree with the above statement.It’s just weird when she starts talking with her real accent.

Meanwhile, I had some spare time and went back to playing The Walking Dead video game.  I finished “episode 2” and it’s a really good game.  I know they are trying to make me care about the little girl they have me protecting but I don’t.  I am buddies with the guy in the baseball cap and that’s that.  I don’t care who dies or who I shoot in the game.

Guess who again- The TWD video game from tell tale games is awesome. I finished it a while ago and I want to replay it with different  choices then I originally made. If you guys like TWD get this game.

Mrs. Mets Police must think I have issues because when I wasn’t playing TWD last weekend I was playing Call of Duty Black Ops II but in zombie mode not the regular game.  What’s hilarious to me is that since the game is easier to play in groups I sign up for groups and my team is often led by what sounds like an 11 year old kid.  It’s funny to hear that high-pitched voice encouraging us “come on guys, up the stairs!!” By the way $15 off Call of Duty Black Ops 2 at Expires 2/19/13.

I know I am late to the party but I’m really into Game of Thrones…shotgunning episodes every second I get.  I thought it was all like King Arthur and dragons nonsense but it’s such a good political thriller.  Love it.

george lazenbyAlso have my copy of Skyfall on-deck for tonight.  I didn’t see that one in the theaters but I am a slightly-above-average Bond guy.  You all realize the best Bond movie is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, right?  And how “Michael Weston” is Lazenby in this photo?

Ewan McGregor says he’d be willing to do an Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars movie.  I’m down with that.  It should be pretty easy to work in Jabba or Vader or maybe even a peek at an 11 year old Luke.

What I really want them to do is have Jar Jar as a disillusioned Nigerian Gangster type…maybe even with an eyepatch and a scar.  A real bad ass who is slinging deathsticks and does bad things to people.  Send Ben after him.

So…the point of the M-Files is to start a discussion.  Surely you guys must be into SOMETHING pop-culture.  Comment!

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  1. Not at all interested in Survivor this season. I’m with you in that I will watch anything with Boston Rob, but Phillip and Russell’s nephew just hold no interest for me.

    I just can’t get into WD, or for that matter any zombie thing. Funny, I’ll completely accept warp drive, teleportation, etc. But zombies? Nope

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