Find me 15 more wins for the Mets: The starting pitching

The 2012 Mets won 74 games.

A twitter argument I have been having all week is for someone to find me 15 more wins to win the Wild Card with 89 wins.  (My twitter argument is actually to find me 21 more wins to get to 95 but I will drop that to 88 which won a Wild Card last year in the NL, 93 in the AL).

The first thing we have to do is replace R.A. Dickey’s 20-6.  Lets let Matt Harvey go 20-6.  (Do you really think Harvey will go 20-6?)

Jon Niese was 13-9.  Let’s have him win the NL Cy Young at 24-4.

That’s 44 wins.

Johan Santana was 6-9.  But he’s supposedly healthy right?  Let’s let him go 16-9.

That’s 60 wins.

Dillon Gee went 13-6 once….thats 73 wins if he does it again.

Shuan Marcum has won 13 twice…let’s say he does that again.  That’s 86 wins from the starting rotation!  Amazin’!  Then get a few from the bullpen and it’s off to the races.

Of course even the 1986 Mets only had 76 wins out of their top 5….although McDowell won 14 in relief.  (Also had 22 saves to Orosco;s 21..isn’t that fascinating)….

..and I don’t think you can just pencil in Harvey for 20 wins, or just have Niese suddenly go 24-4, or pencil in Santana for anything at this point.


It’s a very loose argument, but my point is they only won 74 games last year and that was WITH the Cy Young winning 20.  Where are the wins going to come from?

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at this outfield.  Hoo-boy.

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3 Replies to “Find me 15 more wins for the Mets: The starting pitching”

  1. Wildcard…Really? This team will be very lucky to finish ahead of the Marlins and stay out of the basement. How are we scoring runs with our “No Name” outfield?

  2. You don’t need 15 wins out of the starting rotation. Not to mention how many games did the bullpen blow in the first half last year? Eight? Ten? That alone is a huge chunk of those games you’re talking about. That said, I don’t think they’re an 88 win team. I don’t think they’re a 63 win team, either, but probably another 75 win season.

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