Mets Books: Piazza, Gooden, Howie Rose

Our favorite capitalist blogger encourages you to buy all of these..and to save about $4 for my own upcoming e-book: Send The Beer Guy (Mets fan, Mets vendor, Mets Police) which is described (by me) as “what if Greg Prince had written Faith and Fear in really short sentences.)

Book Description
Release date: May 28, 2013
A bruisingly honest memoir of addiction and recovery from one of the greatest pitchers of all time.

With fresh and sober eyes, Dwight Gooden shares the most intimate moments of his successes and failures, from endless self-destructive drug binges to three World Series rings. Known for his triumphs on the baseball field and his excesses off of it, Gooden was a soft-spoken, dominating wunderkind who tallied a mountain of strikeouts while leading the 1986 bad-boy New York Mets to a World Series win. Even at that pinnacle, Gooden had already succumbed to a cocaine addiction that would short-circuit his career and personal life.

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