Video: The Philadelphia Fan Testing Facility

Some quality humor via Chris…and I posted it here for a reason.

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4 Replies to “Video: The Philadelphia Fan Testing Facility”

    1. Kurt, I’m in the Philly area as well (western burbs) and agree with you. I get some good-natured ribbing but nothing compared to what I have seen and experienced at Yankee Stadium.

      1. Well the snowballs at Santa Claus story comes up whenever a Philly sports fan behaves badly, so I think that’s a big part of it. Philly can be tough though, no question.

        I’ve actually never had a problem wearing Orioles gear at Yankee Stadium, everyone’s always been really nice. It’s a little different when the Subway Series is on though…

  1. Went to opening day at Shea, right behind us about 6 Philly fans. They got a little rowdy with language and a Dad with a little girl told them there a kid here, lay off the language please. They were cool, had a bunch of more beers and disappeared by the 6th.

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