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As I mentioned yesterday, I defy anyone to tell me how this team that won 74 games in 2012 WITH the Cy Young winning 20 games is supposed to even dream about winning 89 games and the second wild card.

I think you understand that the outfield is bad, but do you understand HOW bad it is?

Collin Cowgill.  He is already 26.  He already has had major league time with Arizona and Oakland.  He has 50 major league hits.  If he matches his best minor league season he would hit .285 with 16 HRs and 83RBI. If he does that I will throw him a parade in the Citi Field parking lot and I hope some of you come to it.

Mike Baxter.  Lots here to like.  Local kid.  Runs through walls to save no-hitters.  He is already 28.  He had 56 major league hits.  In his best year in the minors he hit .301 with 18 and 72.  I also offer him a parade if he matches that.

Marlon Byrd.  At least he has had major league success.  Would I take 2009’s .283 20 and 89?  Sure would.  He’s 34 though and do I believe his reasons for taking Tamoxifen which led to a 50 game suspension?  Personally, I don’t.  And the Red Sox released him so who knows what they believe.

Lucas Duda.  I thought the 2011 version was real, but a 2012 of .239 15 and 57 with some time in Buffalo makes me think the Mets weren’t convinced 2011 was real either.  He looks like a veteran with 201 hits.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis.  I’m still not sure I spelled his name right and it’s more fun to type this sentence than to actually look it up.  This is the only outfielder I’m excited about, but  .252 7 and 28, with just 4 steals against 4 caught stealings and a .315 obp does not make for a major league centerfielder.  You have to hit for average or power or at least steal bases.  And for you wacky kids with your silly “advanced” stats where you add two numbers together – I don’t care about OPS but even I know 691 is a bad number, not to mention only +55 SSM (SingleSteals Metric).

So Mets fans….find me 15 wins.  Wanna say Duda 2011 is real and he hits 30 behind Ike’s 30 behind Wright’s 30?  That’s 90 home runs.  Who else in the lineup has pop?  Buck? Murph? Tejada?

I’m willing to believe one player out there has an awesome year but I can’t believe three will.  And Murph/Tejada/Buck aren’t that amazing that they allow you to carry two bum outfielders.

Yes I know we’re Waiting for D’Arnaud.  Let’s hope he’s the chosen one.  We’ll get into that in a few days.



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