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If Piazza was thinking he was criticized on his way out of town, he’s right, but it didn’t come from Scully; it came from newspaper columnists who accused him of being selfish, one of them writing, “It’s time for Mike Piazza to zip it.”

Those words were mine. In that same 1998 column, I also wrote, “Piazza may love L.A., but he is not Eric Karros, he is an East Coast guy, he will disappear in a minute.”

Claire, who lost his job after protesting the Piazza trade, believes that if Piazza had just kept his mouth shut back then, Piazza could have remained a Dodger for life.

“I wanted to sign him, the money was there to sign him … we would have worked out this contract,” Claire said. “They made a mistake about making an issue about the contract on opening day of the season. That was not good judgment.”

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