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Six Weeks Until Mets Opening Day!

This year’s flashback: 2005!

Monday, April 11, 2005 (Home Opener – Game 7 of Regular Season)

Win, by score of 8-4 vs. Houston Astros to go 2-5 on the season

Starting Pitcher: Tom Glavine

2005 mets magnetic schedule metspolice.comThis week we head back to 2005 – The New Mets as Carlos Beltran dubbed them.  This was Omar Minaya’s first season as GM, ushering in a new era: Willie Randolph as manager, with Beltran and Pedro Martinez the new faces of the franchise.  This would be the last season in a Mets uniform for the fan-favorite, with borderline-hall-of-fame credentials, Mike Piazza, and even the magnetic schedule handed out on Opening Day was branded with “The New Mets,” lest anyone be confused with the old Mets.

The Magnetic schedule did not show promotion dates, but it did let you know there were five price tiers – Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Value, and let you know that some games could be seen on the MSG Network, while others could be viewed on Fox Sports Net… in addition to those on WPIX, and not to mention the national games on Fox or ESPN.  This was one year where the magnetic schedule was really useful throughout the season because without it you were very likely to miss a first pitch or so if you were on the wrong channel. The Mets also would have caused my company’s trademark attorney to shake his head in displeasure, as the Mets have their logo cut off in the bottom right corner.  Poor trademarking, Mets!

In a cross-promotion effort, my ticket stub also bears the logos for the Brooklyn Cyclones.  However, this was in actuality a Shea Stadium seat in the Upper Reserves Section 45, Row Q.  It cost me $18.00 for the honors of such a birds eye view!  Obviously the New Mets were a hot ticket, as there were 53,663 of us in attendance this sunny April Monday of 2005.

Mets 2005 Opening Day ticket

Outside the stadium, in the very parking lot from  where Citi Field would someday grow, we were treated to some live music by these fellows.  I have an extra 2005 Magnetic Schedule for the reader who can post the most information about this band.  Anyone?

Shea Stadium band 2005

Shea band 2

These new Mets started the season 0-5, but came into the home opener looking to extend a one game winning streak with Old Mets Tom Glavine on the mound  against Andy Pettite, John Franco and the rest of the Houston Astros.  Indeed the Mets were victorious, thanks to a big hit in the eighth inning from Kaz Matsui and a pair of RBIs from Cliff Floyd.

Shannon here…I went to my favorite Inflation Calculator which sadly doesn’t yet let me calculate for 2013 prices. however..  Remember, Opening Day tickets start at just $63!

What cost $18 in 2005 would cost $20.93 in 2012.Also, if you were to buy exactly the same products in 2012 and 2005,
they would cost you $18 and $15.29 respectively.

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