Steal This Idea: The Howie Rose Show

Let’s face it Mets fans, Beer Money is terrible.  What SNY needs is more Mets related programming.  And in my continuing efforts to help COO Jeff Wilpon meet budget, here is a budget friendly idea: The Howie Rose Show.

The Howie Rose Show is not the most original idea.  Basically I picture two chairs.  One has Howie Rose, one a guest.  Howie’s job is to pull stories out of the guest.

This should be VERY easy.  Let me walk Jeff through it.

Season 1

1.  Keith Hernandez.  Hmm how could we ever get Keith and Howie to Citi Field on the same day?  Oh, I know, there are 81 home games.  Ask them to come an hour early one time.

2.  Ron Darling.  See above.

3.  Bob Ojeda.  Hey Bob, here’s a Metrocard.  Come out to Flushing some afternoon.

4.  Tim Teufel.  Hey Terry, we need Tim from 3 until 3:30.

5.  Ralph Kiner.  This should be the first episode taped.  This MUST happen.

6.  Tim McCarver.  Tim will come through Citi at some point.  Let Howie ask him about the 1980’s Mets.

That was pretty easy.  Jay Horwitz could book that over breakfast via email.  Now let’s get to “hard” guests.

7.  Dwight Gooden.  I bet since he’s getting a bobblehead he will be by Queens at some point.  Come a half hour earlier.

8.  Tom Seaver.  Is this going to be the season Tom doesn’t ever come to Queens?  No, it’s not.  Put an extra half hour on his schedule.

9.  John Franco.  Look man, it’s not like it’s hard to get John out to Citi.  Plus there’s that bobblehead thing.

10.  Rusty Staub.  One of the team ambassadors, right?  1973 Met, right?  Save a half hour.


Not bad, and little work.  Presumably some other 1973 Mets will come through.  I imagine Willie Mays could be part of the All Star Game ceremonies, maybe there is a half hour to be found.  Darryl Strawberry.  Mookie Wilson.  Ed Kranepool.

Then there are current Mets.  Why couldn’t Howie do half an hour with say David Wright.



So we all agree it’s easy to book.

Now we need a set.  How about the high-chairs in the Caesar’s Club where they do events from time to time.  It seems well lit.

Now we need someone to do the research for Howie.  How about Greg Prince?  Pay him $150 a show.  Hey Greg, I need topics for the most obscure Met of all time.  Greg can rattle those off without warning.

Presumably SNY has video editors already on staff.  Presumably SNY already has directors and tech people who alredy work on SNY shows.

Pay Howie some bucks to host.

Pay the guest whatever scale the guests get.  I don’t know if that’s applicable to SNY shows or how that works.  Let’s say it’s $700.

And if the guest gets $700 let’s pay Howie $700.  $150 to Greg.

$1550 a show.

Come on Jeff.  Howie Rose Show.




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5 Replies to “Steal This Idea: The Howie Rose Show”

  1. Can I be Greg’s intern? I figured I should ask you because you ought to be exec producer. We have emailed, facebooked, and tweeted about this for a while. It is as obvious as another 70-win season. Oh, SNY, can you see?

  2. What no George Theodore or Dave Schneck? Like the idea of the show since the rest of SNY programming is low rent to say the least…(except Mets Yearbook).

  3. C’mon, it’s SNY. They don’t have Fran Healy to do that type of show [joke here] And SNY does not spend money on their shows. And since Howie Rose’s -face- is usually seen on an MSG network here and there as the pbp announcer of the Icelanders …. that wouldn’t work. SNY wants ’em cheap [non-union, unlike Howie] and one of their “faces” like Burkhardt or Continent Carlin.

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