The M-Files 12: Talking Dead interruptions, Star Trek, asleep on couch

Another’s time for The M-Files.  The M-Files are what the Mets Police talk about when not talking about the Mets.

Poor Axel.  Or as I liked to call him “Jeff Foxworthy.”  (I also call Carol “Jamie Lee Curtis”).  We were just starting to get to know Axel and BLAM. Dead.

What we now know about The Walking Dead is that we can’t get to know you.  If we do, you die.  I’m digging this season an awful lot but the Chris Hardwick interruptions for Talking Dead have got to stop.  You’re in the middle of enjoying a scene and then suddenly

talking dead

I really like Chris, nerdiest, and all of Chris’ work. I even like Talking Dead. I just can’t take these promos.

Speaking of Talking Dead, does anyone enjoy fame less than Robert Kirkman? He just looks miserable.

bread and circusesI had a Star Trek idea.  What of the J.J. Verse revisited Bread and Circuses.  You know, the episode with the Roman Empire.

I think if the 1701 (no bloody A, B, C or D) something something came upon a planet similar to the Romans (but not a clone because that’s dumb) then J.J. could make a different kind of action movie but still a Star Trek movie.  Picture Bread and Circuses but with Gladiator/Rome graphics and Gladiator quality gladiator scenes as opposed to Kirk and Spock fighting with wooden swords.

The interesting part of the plot to me is Captain Merrick, the marooned ship captain who just decided to screw it and live out his life on the Roman Planet.  That could be a good guy for Kirk to take on.  Plus GLADIATORS.  Come on.  Do it.


Not much else grabbed me this week.  I mostly fell asleep at 9:15 including Friday night.  Hoping for some massive Game of Thrones and PS3 action on this rainy day.  What are you watching?

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