The Mets bloggers emerge from their winter slumber

Well, we did it. We killed off another winter.

Bloggers are like creatures you see in nature documentaries. As October comes and the days grow short the blogger begins to hide away posts for a rainy day. How many jerseys do we have that we can post? I could do caps. No, we did caps last year how about bobbleheads. Yeah, bobbleheads.

Along the way are a few bonanza days. The Mets roll out some uniforms in November. The annual big free agent signing.. Ticket news.

End of year makes for some recap lists. Top 10 whatevers. Some made up awards. The Mets Fan Fest.

In January the days get longer. Players stir.

Then today comes. Actual baseball! Every day a new story line about which to celebrate or complain. Our soap opera returns. Blog traffic skyrockets until the Mets collapse right after the All Star Break.

The blogger sheds his winter coat and his filler posts. It is time to don jerseys, not to write bout them.

When the sun reachest it’s highest point today winter will be over and spring begins!

but it’s Saturday and I can’t sit in front of a TV all afternoon, I’m taping it.

When do the Mets become one of those teams?
The new Mets post-game cap is available for sale

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  1. And the typical Mets blogger waits for the next sandwich revelation from the culinary wizards at Aramark. who service Debits Field. Last year: the Pat LaFrieda steak sandwich, just the taste of half-of-one sent Mets bloggers into ecstasy, and gave the team two weeks of positive coverage. What sandwich will turn Mets Bloggers eyes [but hopefully not their stomachs] this season?

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