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Fauxpening Day got me thinking about how long the Mets have been defending their 1986 championship.  It is starting to be a long time.  I have lived far more days since the ring than I did before.

The Mets were, in retrospect, one of those lucky teams.  A championship in year 7.  Another World Series a few years later.  Then, what seemed to be a really long drought, but it was 17 years between 69 and 86, so the Mets should have won in 2003.

Mathematically, with 30 teams, the Mets are due in 2016, and Sandy’s slow planning might have them lined up for that.  The downside to such math is I wonder if I will make it to the 2076 parade.  Even Bobby Bonilla will be off the payroll by then.

The Cubs sure are one of those teams.  104 years.  It’s so bad that they’d be better off never winning.  What would be the fun of being a Cubs fan complaining that they haven’t won in three years?  Might as well play at the Cubs Dome then,

The White Sox went from 1917-2005, yet somehow did that invisibly.  I never felt like they were inept.  I never felt anything about them ever except the occasional “what the hell are they wearing?” or peering over the fence to see how Seaver was doing.  That too stopped in 1986.

The Red Sox sure were on of those teams.  They aren’t any longer, and have managed to stay interesting, but in 1986 they were not just one of those teams, they were THAT team.

The Phillies went from birth until 1980 but since I was raised in the 1970’s and the Phillies were always good I never thought of them as being slackers.

The Indians are one of those teams.  1948 and counting.  And the movie Major League.

The Browns Orioles went 63 years.  I think of the Browns as a joke and the Orioles as a good franchise until recently.



In terms of current droughts,

We talked about the Cubs and Indians, but what about the Senators II Rangers?  51 years and counting, no rings.  However, even if Texas wins this year I struggle to imagine the heart-felt stories of the long suffering fans of Arlington.

Our cousins the Astros.  Never won.  Their best shot was in 1986 when they ran into the Mets.  I think they are one of those teams.

Expos Nationals, Padres, Brewers.  I don’t feel bad for these teams yet.

Mariners.  35 years.  I almost feel bad.

Pirates.  I will never feel bad for the Pirates.

Tigers, Royals, and the Orioles again have gone a long time.  Nope.


So I guess the Mets have a ways to go.  I think we need another 25 years of crazy stories before we get to be one of those teams.  I guess I will be blogging for the rest of my days o this earth.  At least I will eventually be able to just recycle old content when I do “2010’s week.”

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