Daily book plug: Mike V’s review

@verceman who writes for the site and may be biased posted this review on Amazon.com.  Thanks Mike.


5.0 out of 5 stars Misery Only A True Mets Fan Would Understand February 22, 2013

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No Steak Sandwiches Were Harmed In The Writing Of This Review:Shannon’s blog, metspolice.com is called a fan advocacy site, because it focuses on the off-the-field stuff that impacts true fans. Ticket prices, obstructed views, promotional days, scorebugs, uniforms, merchandise… these are topics the mainstream press doesn’t focus too much on, but they really matter to fans. That’s why metspolice.com has become one of the most popular destinations on the web for Mets fans. Shannon could have cashed in on the site’s popularity by giving us an inside scoop on his personal conversations with Dave Howard, or spilling some dirt on players he’s been able to gain access to, or even just by expanding on some of his blog posts. However, in Send The Beer Guy, Shannon decides to open up and do some self-exploration . Even though he is using a pseudonym, readers get insight on the authentic self of the writer, on this journey of self-discovery. He ends up realizing why he cares so much about banner days start times and orange and blue uniforms without the drop shadow, and along the way he shares some pretty great anecdotes about what it was like to be a Shea Stadium vendor during the 1980’s heydey of the New York Mets.This is a quick read, and a fun read. Often times when we look back on memories, we tend to paint everything with a Kodachrome sheen that makes every day seem like the good old days. Mets fans don’t just understand disappointment, it’s in our blood, so this walk down memory lane of Mets memories is a lot of fun, even if Mets history is dominated by almosts and not-quites. A Yankees fan might read this and wonder “why do you stick with this team?,” and sometimes we ourselves wonder the same thing, but there’s really only one kind of Mets fan – a true Mets fan. When you see a guy in a Yankees cap, whether it’s on 5th Avenue or in Costa Rica, it’s just a 50/50 chance the guy has any clue about the Yankees current record. However, when you see a guy in a Mets cap walking through a mall in North Carolina, it’s a virtual guarantee you can strike up a conversation with him about the Mets fourth outfielder. THAT guy, like all Mets fans, will enjoy this book.

The eBook Send The Beer Guy is available for kindle via Amazon for $3.99.  If you don’t have a Kindle there are free kindle apps available for iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac.

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