Mets Opening Day Tickets Now $39?


This is good. $39 tickets in for Opening Day?

I know the Citi presale starts today at noon and I gather this is where Eric got the screen grab from. I wonder if this is just a promo price for the Citi promotion or if this will be where the ticket pice is going to land instead of $63 bucks.

Not @mediagoon’s Mets Bobbleheads #19: FDNY Dillon Gee
Yikes I was almost without 28!

9 Replies to “Mets Opening Day Tickets Now $39?”

  1. That is, the prices for the Mets Season Ticket Holder Presale are the same as the prices for the Citi presale.

  2. Didn’t a Mets representative say that the $63 ticket price were just because they were allowing people to purchase in December for the first time ever? I thought they said prices will be reduced as the season approachs – which this supports. Single tickets for plan holders go on sale tomorrow so we will know more then.

  3. That was for Prom Outfield, which were not available previously and are already sold out. Prom Reserved is still the same $63.

  4. I should’ve learned from last year. After spending $150 for two Opening Day tickets, when I arrived at Citi Field they were running a buy-one-get-one-free ticket promotion for that day. Ugh.

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