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So far in Spring Training (TV games at least) we’ve seen the Mets wear the sno-whites.

Some folks are surprised they aren’t wearing the snazzy blues.  The blues wouldn’t offend me in spring training, but wearing the whites suggests to me they are finally taking this whole uniform thing seriously.  All hail Kevin Kierst.

Since Kevin took over as equipment manager the Mets have been dressing a whole lot better.  The pinstripes returned “for reals” and in 2012 were the primary.  I haven’t heard any such declaration for 2013 but I will hope/assume the pins still are.  The snos became the alt in 2012.  It’s a jersey that has grown on me over time, and actually looks better on civilians at the mall than pinstripes do.

But the Mets are not civilians at the mall, they are a baseball team.  A hybrid cap might look good on my 9 year old but it looks terrible on Daniel Murphy.

This spring, the Mets are choosing to look like a baseball team.  Nice crisp white uniforms.  They can roll out the dress pinstripes on Opening Day (tickets start at just $39! – see Mets, I can play nice.) and have fun with blues as they see fit.  And then jinx the whole season on John Franco Bobblehead Day with the you know whats.

The best part of the nice dressing…they weren’t even nagged by a not-as-fat-as-he-was* blogger.  They did this all on their own.

By the way..if you really want to know why All Hail Kevin Kierst, read the greatest Uni Watch of all time: How the Mets got Black Uniforms.

On a side note, maybe I was just tired, but the NY on the caps was looking thin to me on TV on Monday night.  Did anyone else notice that?  Am I nuts?

*: comfortably fitting into a L David Wright jersey as I type this.  Those XLs are swimming on me.

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