Sandy Alderson is digging Downton Abbey

Last night was another session of Sandy talks to bloggers.

I had a bad outing.

I was scheduled to go third, which probably isn’t a good idea anyway because I never ask “proper” questions.

I like to ask Sandy (or whatever Mets executive is doing the call*) off-beat questions.  I figure between the beat writers and 46 blogs that Sandy doesn’t need another question about the outfield.

Last year  I asked him about TV and he said he was watching Homeland.

So there I was ready to bat third when my phone dropped.  I was in North America in the second decade of the 21st Century so it is perfectly understandable that AT&T would drop.  I emailed Secret Mets Insider and told her I dropped so she put me last – a much better spot.

I got back in on the middle of the call and a few things perked my ears which we will get to.  Then it was my turn.  I nailed my question but then Sandy said he couldn’t hear me.  Damn you increasingly-unreliable iPhone.

I rephrased my question – the second time is never as good as the first – and Sandy fielded it.  I mentioned how a year ago I had asked Sandy about TV and he mentioned Homeland well before it was the it show and well before the emmys.  Sandy, what else are you watching?

Alderson: “I hate to admit this, but I’ve been watching Downton Abbey.”
2/27/13 6:49 PM


Sandy Alderson: I hate to admit this, but I’m watching Downtown Abbey at the moment. What I like about it is the historical and sociological implications it presents from that period. It’s a whole different genre to Homeland. I don’t generally get on FX or some of the others I should, because I know there are some other great series there too. (via Mets Blog)

I like Sandy, he is cool.

Sitting on the call with Sandy made me very late for Junior’s basketball game. Mrs. Mets Police said “I saw you sitting in the car.” I explained I was on a “Mets call” which kinda got the Marge Face.

Junior was more forgiving. I told him I was on with the Mets GM.

He asked if that was “the guy who…” (meaning David Howard).

No, this is the guy who picks the players.

Did he sign David Wright.


Junior said he would have picked that too.

So Sandy is cool, I need a phone, the Mets are cool, I felt like a noob because I can’t even ask a question right and damn I wanted to be tight and snappy and fun and instead I acted like I didn’t know how to do a Mets conference call. I know nothing about bullpens but I know how to act on a call.

Which leads me to the earlier asterisk. I don’t mess with Terry. I think if I asked Colactus about TV he would hunt me down and beat me up. Terry is not there to do “fun banter” with some dumb blogger.

Alderson: “I don’t think we’re that far away. Are we a couple of moves away? Maybe.”
2/27/13 6:33 PM
Alderson: “We have the currency. The financial situation is very different that it was two years ago.”
2/27/13 6:34 PM

This next one, about turnover, interested me

Alderson: “Fans like continuity, but they don’t like continuity to the point of boredom.”
2/27/13 6:31 PM

Sandy talked about a core – could be three guys or five or ten that the fans latch on to, and the rest come and go.

Alderson: “Two things upon which manager are evaluated: Wins & Losses, and improvement of players on the team.”
2/27/13 6:25 PM
Alderson: “I wouldn’t eliminate Valdespin as a potential OF candidate.”
2/27/13 6:22 PM

I imagine other recaps of the call will reveal themselves, and I will link.

Thanks Sandy and Mets.  MMM steak.


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3 Replies to “Sandy Alderson is digging Downton Abbey”

  1. Alderson has the intellectual side of the job down pat per his musing here and on Mets …Morning Briefing . However his intellect stifiles his creativness and resourcefulness and he loses his nexxus to the fans and putting an interesting product on the field. The notion that Wheeler (injured agained) and D’arno
    will just appear on the squad in June and lead team to greatness is delusional not to mention unrealistic. They must have a strong supporting cast around them so they can develop and hopefully thrive. Without this support and nourishment they will be hard pressed to get out of the dilema they are in. Some creative deals bringing in servicable people to quasi compete and draw fans and gain revenue for future investment is what is needed while con currently building for the future. If the mets act like a R &D operation then they really are a triple A outfit and should charge accordingly!

  2. Sandy is NOT cool. I had the opportunity to meet him and he was a real dick. I’m sure for public relation purposes, he puts on the persona. I was looking for a good reason not to get into Downton Abbey. You just gave me one. Thanks.

  3. I always feel like I need to take a shower after listening to him. He is like Lord Grantham (I love DA) in that he looks good, speaks well without actually saying anything constructive and lastly, he is ineffectual and mismanaging his estate.

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