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The folks at AA did a full transcript.  That’s no small task.

Shannon Shark: Thanks Sandy, a year ago I asked you about TV and well before it became the “it show” and well before the Emmys you recommended Homeland which I watched just so we would have something to chat about- and it was awesome! So I want to know what else are you watching?

Alderson: That’s a good question. I hate to admit this, but I’m watching Downton Abbey at the moment, or I have been- the season just ended. And what I like about it is the historical and sociological implications that it presents from that period, pre-WWI, post- WWI, in Europe and by extension everywhere in the world. And obviously it’s a whole different genre from Homeland, but that’s the one that comes immediately to mind. That’s the one I’ve been watching. I don’t generally get on FX or some of the others, I should because there’s some great series there too, but that’s the one I’ve been watching.

via Transcript Of Sandy Alderson’s Conference Call With Mets Bloggers — February 27, 2013 – Amazin’ Avenue.

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